Report from the Chair 2016-17


A Tale of Successes and Failure


Clerk Saga

An unexpected development during the year has been the resignation of Kate Asbury as Clerk. It has been a struggle to find a new replacement – but the end may be in sight as we have now had a number of suitable applicants – Kate is staying on for the moment until we appoint a new person.


Footpaths Success

Phase 2 of the footpath renewal – again spearheaded by Sylvia. A further grant was successfully obtained and combined with some money donated by the Concert at the Kings the remaining section of the key footpath across  the village has been resurfaced. Darkies Lane is also being rejuvenated to join back on to The Street.  Thanks to Kev for looking after the rest of the footpath network.


Cemetery and Fees Update

The cemetery fees and documentation had been somewhat neglected for many years so Sylvia and myself have worked hard to regain order by reviewing and updating the fees as well as cross-correlating the plots with the certificates in the aging ledgers. It is a work in progress with an aerial drone survey pending.


Better accountability and Procedures

Andy and Robbie attended a training course on Standing Orders and Council procedures late last year and have assisted in updating our internal documents to keep us in line with best practice of accountability and transparency. It’s very dull but necessary and long overdue. We are making good progress in adopting new procedures and reviewing them annually.


Grass Cutting and Maintenance Contracts

These were awarded to a single (local) company last year. There have been one or two hiccups but these have now settled down. Thanks to Kate, Doug and Sylvia for monitoring performance.


ACPC Facebook Page and Website Transfer

The AC PC facebook page that was set up last year has gone from strength to strength with more views and interactions since its inception. The parish website and community portal has been transferred into Parish ownership but is yet to gain any funding from local companies and organisation via advertising.


QE90 Celebrations

The village hall was decked out with Union Jack bunting, balloons and flags and looking thoroughly patriotic on Sunday, June 13 when about 80 local residents, family and friends all joined in to celebrate this momentous occasion. A beacon was also lit on the hillside one evening to link with many others across the country.


Best Kept Village Success

We won the title of ‘Best Kept Village – Medium’ in the Autumn. The entry this time was completed by Kate with input from others of us. We will be entered in the super league again this year. It is hoped we can sort out the hanging of the latest winner’s plaque in a prominent position in time for the next round of judging. If we win this time we will ensure more people are aware of the awards ceremony via flyers if time allows.


Representing the Public

Not all the things we have to deal with are popular of course. We have a long-standing tradition of allowing sustainable and appropriate development to keep All Cannings as a living, vibrant community. Sometimes development plans as submitted aren’t suitable, but we listen to you, our electors too and don’t recommend just anything. (But we don’t have the final say!)



The many things above sum up the many successes and a couple of failures with the Parish Council. All members of the Parish council, whether born and bred in the village or relative newcomers like myself work quietly for the good of the village and parish as a whole. 


Thanks also to anyone else who has supported us over the last year and special thanks to the Concert at the King’s contributions which have enabled our projects to continue. 

Thanks again to our clerk Kate, many thanks to my fellow councillors and all volunteers who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make the Parish what it is today.


Amy Gray, Chair