All CanningsCemetery


This cemetery is owned and maintained by All Cannings Parish Council –

All enquiries to the Parish Clerk – Sarah-Jane Bullock on 07918 606743

No Dogs allowed – except guide dogs. 

Burials and Memorials. No burial shall take place, no cremated human remains shall be interred, no tombstone or other memorial shall be placed in the Cemetery and no additional inscription shall be made on any tombstone or other memorial without the written permission of All Cannings Parish  Council and after appropriate fees (if any) have been paid.

Notice of Interments. Not less than two working days notice shall be given of any interment.


Official Plan. A detailed plan of the Cemetery, showing the position of every grave, is kept by the Parish Clerk.


Receptacles for Flowers. All Cannings Parish Council reserves the right to remove any receptacle for flowers, which it considers unsuitable or unsightly, without notice. Glass, china or other easily breakable pots and bottles are highly dangerous, and are not permitted in the cemetery. The planting of plants, shrubs and trees (however small) is not permitted.

Erection of Monuments. A person shall not erect or fix or remove or re-erect any monument, gravestone, tablet, inscribed vase, kerb or railing in the Cemetery except with the written permission of All Cannings Parish Council and after the appropriate fees (if any) has been paid.. No flat stones laid horizontally, nor memorials, metal vases, chippings, railings, fencing, kerbs or other structures enclosing graves, other than headstones are permitted in the cemetery. In particular, the erection of decorative borders is not permitted.

All Cannings Parish Council will remove any unauthorised memorials, kerbs, railings, ornamentation or horticultural decoration.

Repairs to Graves and Monuments etc. The owners must keep all monuments, gravestones, tablets, kerbs or other memorials in repair. All repairs and reinstallations must be in accordance with current NAMM recommendations. In the event of any such monument etc., becoming dangerous, defective or illegible from want of repair or neglect, All Cannings Parish Council may, in accordance with the powers and procedures set out in Article 16(2) and Schedule 3 of the Local Authorities’ Cemeteries Order 1977, give notice to the owner or owners, requiring them to repair or remove any such monument etc., and if, after the expiration of such notice, the owner or owners have failed to repair or remove any such defective or dangerous monument etc., or if All Cannings Parish Council is unable to trace the owner(s) after taking such reasonable steps as it may consider necessary for that purpose, then All Cannings Parish Council may remove the same without any rights of the owner or owners to any compensation for so doing. Immediate steps to make safe dangerous memorials may be taken by the council without notice or liability to pay compensation.  

An ongoing process of memorial safety testing is in operation.

Maintenance. As soon as convenient after the interment of a body or cremated remains All Cannings Parish Council shall sow grass seed or lay turf at its own expense over the whole of the grave. Thereafter no person other than the duly authorised officers or servants of All Cannings Parish Council shall interfere with or alter the turfed or unturfed areas of the grave except for the purpose of a further interment therein.

Grass Cutting. All Cannings Parish Council shall keep the turfed areas mown at its own expense, but will not undertake to keep clean or maintain memorials, which matter shall be the responsibility of the owner.